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A Quality Preschool and Child Care Center

Our Program

The programs at Step Ahead Learning Center focus on the developmental needs of a child as a total person - his/her social growth, emotional growth, physical and cognitive growth. We offer programs to enhance these growths by providing a variety of stimulating activities designed to meet the needs of the children. We organize activities that introduce children to life experience through art, science, stories, cooking, music and movement.

Our curriculum is child centered reflecting the interests of each child in the classroom. The activities are play oriented to capitalize on the child's interest and encourage active learning by developing curiosity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Children are allowed to explore and learn at their own pace in a safe and secure environment without fear of failure. There is emphasis on language development, perceptual discrimination, cognition and motor coordination.

Our program encourages children to trust themselves and the adults. Where appropriate, we offer more choices to the children in order to prepare them to be independent. We aim to create a supportive and caring atmosphere where children of different abilities can interact and learn more about each other by accepting similarities and differences. We guide our children to foster a deep respect for every individual and develop responsibility for their own behavior.

Step Ahead Learning Center invites parents to become involved in their child's activities. The parents learn more about the phases of their child's development through such interaction. A good parent/teacher partnership is very valuable as it plays a vital role in the development of the child.